SPIT (Manila)

SPIT is the premiere Improv group in the Philippines

Set up by Gabe Mercado and a group of friends in 2002 after Gabe trained with legendary Second City founder Paul Sills at the Wisconsin Theater Games Center, SPIT has performed in various events and venues all over the country.

In 2004, SPIT spearheaded Spontaneous Combustion: The First Philippine Improv Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. They participated in the 3rd National Theater Festival where they premiered SARSKWELA: Ang Sarswelang Kwela, a completely improvised twist on the traditional Filipino Sarswela. In 2009, they opened two new works at the Cultural Center of the Philippines – Cambiar! an improvised educational environment themed show for the CCP’s Earth Day Celebration and Dingdong! Death is at the Door, an improvised long form murder mystery show for the 5th Virgin Labfest.

SPIT also represented the Philippines in the prestigious Los Angeles Comedy Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA in 2004 and more recently in the Hong Kong International Improv Festival in 2012.

Composed of thespians, teachers, commercial models and professionals from varied fields, the group also does regular shows to packed audiences in some of the best entertainment spots throughout Metro Manila and is a staple of corporate functions with their lap slappingly smart and incisive brand of comedy.


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